Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Biking Adventure

My son and I have been planning this epic 30+ mile bike trip for a while now.  We haven't had much time on our bikes at all this summer so we decided to go on a shorter ride just to make sure we were ready. My younger daughter isn't too fond of biking but will join us for our shorter jaunts.  My son's girlfriend Bri also loves to bike ride so we invited her to join us as well.  Bri doesn't own a bicycle so we dug out one of my daughter's old bikes for her to use. Despite the fact my son is 6'4", Bri is just a tiny thing so we figured the old high school bike would work just fine.  We started out on our bike ride and within minutes my son and daughter were WAY far ahead.  They pedal so quickly.  Whenever I try to keep up with the cadence of their pedaling, I count to 5 and then fall off count.  They are fast riders.  I am more of a pleasure rider.  Slow and steady.  I enjoy every pedal revolution so when I started passing Bri, of course I thought, "WOW! I am an EPIC bike rider!!!"  My conversation with Bri started off very chatty. We talked about everything.  Then soon her responses became monosyllabic.  I barely could get a "yeah" out of her.  Not long after that her responses were reduced to gasping for breath.  I finally decided to check her bike - because - let's face it - I am NOT actually an epic bike rider. Her back tire was really distended and the back brakes were actually clamped to the rear tire so that she had been riding with the brakes engaged.  She was relieved to know that she in fact did not  suddenly become a pathetic cyclist.  As we were trying to adjust the braking mechanism........"BOOM!"  Her back tire exploded.  So our biking adventure came to a shortened close.
Bike riding totals for the day......
My daughter Amelia = 16.5 miles
Me = 14.47 miles
My son Austin = 5 miles......(4 miles ahead and then 1 mile back to find us)
Bri = 3 miles
Sad, long and bug infested walking miles for the day.........
Austin and Bri = 3 miles walking back one tireless bike plus one sad bike that didn't get to ride very far
I wonder if Bri will want to go on our 30+ mile adventure with us.  I have one more bike way back in the garage that used to be Amelia's when she was younger. Oh look Bri.......A PINK BARBIE bike for you!!!  I bet she can't wait!

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