Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 2...SUPER!

Today is full of back-to-back seminars full of new things to learn.  Our first seminar was awesome and provided excellent information on keeping doggies safe with off-leash play.  We LOVE letting our doggies off-leash. They love running through the fields, hiking in the woods and swimming in our pond.  If you could watch our doggies' faces as they run through the woods, you would see the BIGGEST doggie smiles ever.  It is their favorite part of each day. We would love some day to incorporate letting other families bring their doggies to Yesteryear Acres for some off-leash play as really there is nothing more enjoyable for a doggie than romping freely and happily.  The seminar was specifically concerned with safety and introducing new doggies to off-leash play time and it was really terrific.  The speaker has 20 years experience in training dogs and is a dog training consultant.  She really knows her stuff and both Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I were furiously taking notes so we were sure not to miss a single point.  Next up is "Understanding Canine Body Language" which covers how to be fluent in doggie language and how to recognize emotional states, stress indicators and contentment markers. With any luck we will have one hour of showroom floor time today to hopefully order some new treats and toys and goodies for our doggies and puppies!  Day 2....SUPER!

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