Saturday, July 5, 2014

Guppy Level Passed!

Yesterday was soooo nice - the dock just begged for some company.  We could hear the dock all the way in the house saying, "coooooome out and sit with meeeee".  How could we say no?
The day just beckoned to be appreciated and so
my daughter thought she would take a nice little nap in the sun.

And for a whole 5 minutes, the doggies sat in the shade and quietly soaked in the view
and then......
"Hey Amelia!  Do you wanna play fetch?  Do you wanna take a walk? Do you wanna go in the pond?  Do you??????"
"See???? I found a stick for you!!!! Do you wanna play?????"
Of course my daughter said yes.  Olive is a very excellent swimmer and started the entire game by dropping her stick off the end of the dock into the water. Then she would swim to go get it while the other doggies watched with envy.  
Grits was just dying to be part of the water fetch game so my daughter taught Grits to swim. "Okay! I am ready!!!" 
It only took about 15 minutes and Grits was swimming like a pro!

Guppy Level Passed!

She even brought Olive's favorite stick back!
Guess Grits is ready for the advanced dock diving level now!
Ready, Set, Jump!!!!

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