Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Time for a Check Up

I have arrived safely in Arizona with my younger daughter and my mom. The three of us are working towards better health and are spending the week at a Medical Health resort taking health seminars, exercise classes and eating VERY healthy foods. The food portions here are so small that I jokingly refer to a portion here as ONE bite at home.  The exercise classes are designed to push you as far as you can go, without being pushed too far.  Our days are spent participating in about 5-6 hours of exercise classes and another 4 hours of lectures and seminars.  All our focused on good nutrition, exercise physiology and taking better care of our health.  They are really interesting and there is so much to learn. Tomorrow I go in for a health check up.  The first time I came here I found out that I was pretty unhealthy and had very low muscle mass and my bloodwork was not good.  When I returned last year, I got gold stars across the board as I had committed myself to better health. That entire year, I never missed a single workout and I was very health conscious with everything I ate.  This past year, I tried to find a balance between regular and dedicated exercise (without it being too consuming) and good eating habits with ice cream nights thrown in now and then.  I know I am a little heavier than I was last year so I am nervous to get my health results.  Hopefully all will be well.  For now - It is time for FIERCE! TABATA workout!  I suspect I will sleep well tonight!!!!!

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