Thursday, July 10, 2014

College Fair

This morning was the Yesteryear Acres "College Fair" .....time to buckle down and get it done kind of morning.  My son stayed up in his room and diligently worked on his Naval Academy file while I was downstairs with my daughter helping Bri with her college scheduling.  My daughter is now a pro navigating school website class scheduling software and we were able to get a really good plan set in motion.  Bri is pursuing a Nursing Degree at college and so like any awesome nurse-to-be, her semester is full of science, science and....more science!  Hopefully she will be able to get all the classes added to her schedule.  That is always the toughest part.  After Bri was all set, my daughter diligently worked on her post graduation plans and started submitting resumes for possible job openings in her field.  It was a very productive morning! Thankfully we were surrounded by lots of doodle doggies to keep us company.  They enjoyed what they considered to be a lazy morning.
Don't we all wish we could be doodle doggies for the morning???
That's the life!

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