Friday, July 11, 2014

NOT a Birthday Party

My wonderful, awesome, sweet, hard-working, devoted, loyal, dedicated son turned 18 years old today.  As soon as the clock struck midnight last night, I started yelling, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"  I didn't want him to miss a single minute of his birthday.  My son isn't much for a big celebration.  He doesn't feel comfortable with people making a big fuss.  He is much like his dad that way.  Today - on his birthday he worked here at Yesteryear Acres.  He didn't even take the day off.  Tonight, however, we took the evening off. My son has insisted for the past few months that he is NOT having an 18th birthday party.  No party.  None.  So tonight we did NOT have a party.
We totally didn't set up a big party table full of food

There is no way we had grilled hamburgers and baked beans and candy and Happy Birthday party plates

The dogs were in no way invited to the non-party

There was no celebrating to be found

And absolutely no smiling occurred at the non-birthday party

And definitely NO birthday balloons!

Friends did not come over
Happiness was nowhere to be found

And there was not delicious cake

HAPPY 18th Birthday Austin!!!!
I hope you liked your evening outside with friends and family and all your favorite food for dinner and cake and ice cream at your NOT birthday party!!!
There is a very good chance I heard ......"it was the best birthday ever!"

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