Sunday, July 13, 2014

Puppy Mobile - travel safely!

My son and his lovely girlfriend Bri left Yesteryear Acres this morning shortly after 6am.  The puppy mobile was loaded with a few of Nutmeg's Chocolate and Caramel doodle babies needing to make their way out east. I am not sure how I got sooooooo lucky, but my son has done the last 2 puppy deliveries for me. I hate driving and for him to take on the 12 hour day is such a nice break for me.  I have to thank his co-pilot as well as she takes care of the puppies during the long road trip which makes it especially nice.  Today has been super quiet at home with Nutmeg's puppies all gone.  Maple's puppies are still pretty little so they aren't quite to the "talking" stage yet.  By this time next week, they will have lots to say, so it won't be long before I am greeted by lots of "GOOD MORNING!  HELLO!  HOW ARE YOU! PET ME, PET ME, PET ME!" As for today, all quiet on the homefront and lots of good thoughts for the puppy mobile trip.  Safe travels!!!!!!

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