Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hey, It's a Dry Heat!

When Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I had our last meal before flying out of Las Vegas, we decided we would walk the 2 miles to the restaurant. We would then have the chance to see the strip and all the sights.  We knew it was going to be one hot walk - but all we kept hearing was, "It's a Dry Heat!" As in - hey it's so dry you won't even notice that it is 112* outside.  I have never heard so many people dismiss the heat before.  The temperature outside was literally 112* but evidently, with the "dry heat" that number doesn't matter any more. Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I opened the door and stepped out.  To say that it felt like a dragon breathing hot fire on us would be an understatement. It felt hot.  As we started walking, the first thing we noticed was that everyone walked SO slowly.  I mean people were walking at a pace that was so slow, it was easy to pass them without even trying. Little did I know that the slow pace was in fact a survival technique. About a mile into our walk, I was WHIPPED.  I mean I was so tired, I wanted to sit down.  I could feel my bracelets melting onto my wrists.  My necklace felt like a necklace of fire coral.  I could actually feel the wire posts in my earrings burning into my earlobes.  DRY HEAT?  I don't care what you call it - but 112* is HOT!!! I am pretty sure I arrived at the restaurant a few sizes smaller than when I left the hotel.  There are probably still a few of my melted remnants on the sidewalk. I don't think "dry heat" is for me.  At least not 112* of dry heat.  People of Las Vegas - you have some wicked stamina to withstand that intense climate.  I'll be applauding you .....over in the shade!

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