Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happiness on a stick

After dinner my son had to go run a recycling errand and when he pulled into the driveway his girlfriend Bri motioned for me to come out there.  Immediately I thought something was wrong as they were both motioning furiously. My daughter and I ran out to his truck and what do you know.....HAPPINESS was inside!  My son made an impromptu ice cream trip on his way home and brought me....
A Buster Bar!!! Oh my gosh!  I love them so!!! It is complete and total happiness on a stick.  I jumped up and down with joy and happily ate my ice cream treat.  After the ice cream break we took a late evening stroll with some doodle doggies. 
The doggies were especially glad we decided to walk off our ice cream calories.
We walked until the sun set
and then.......
Pillow time!!!!

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