Saturday, July 19, 2014

Actually, It's Called a Ratchet Wrench

Well you know that my son's girlfriend Bri is completely a Yesteryear Acres Farm Girl when she willingly cleans up puppy poop and doodle doggie poop and washes all the doggie dishes and brushes all the doodle doggies and cuddles with all the doodle doggies and helps feed the horses and works in the garden but NOW she has taken it to a whole new level. Today when I walked outside, this is what I saw
Bri was working with my son on one of our tractors 
I said, "Awww look at you using one of those tool things to work on the tractor" 
To which Bri replied, "Actually, It's called a Ratchet Wrench"

Okay. Okay. I see. We have ourselves a real farm girl now!!!!

Evidently she's a wizard with a ratchet wrench and had the belt fixed and running like new in no time!
I am not saying that going away for nursing school next month isn't AWESOME....but we are sure going to miss her when she leaves!
I wonder how she would feel about being a farm girl/nurse?!

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