Saturday, July 12, 2014


Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son love to shoot Trap and Skeet. That is one of their favorite activities and if we ever have free time, they love to head out back for some time on the range. They are REALLY good at it. My son is in birthday heaven right now because we took time out of our day to go trap shooting.  He got to use his new shotgun and a better day could not be had.  We ALL had a "blast" - (I couldn't resist!)
Mr. Yesteryear Acres never misses 
My son is a quick draw and it is rare for him to miss a shot
When they both shoot together - the clay pigeons are obliterated! 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres trap shooter is super versatile which makes the shooting challenging but SO fun! 
My son loves to throw doubles.....
Mr. Yesteryear Acres says, "bring it on!"
The boys had a LONG turn and then.....
Amelia showed them how it was done.
Nothing but dust!!!! 
My son was notably impressed with her accuracy 
Competition time!
They hit them all!
Bri decided she would give it a try 
Here goes nothing!!!! 
Last minute instruction 
AND she nails it!!!! Way to go!!!
You didn't think I would sit out did you?

Even though I'm a lefty....I can still hang with the best of them 
Even if Mr. Yesteryear Acres is way better :)
Official New Member of the Yesteryear Acres Trap and Skeet Club 
They had so much fun together 
Birthday Buddies. The best end to a best birthday.

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