Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dear SUV - How I missed you!

It's BACK!  My SUV is BACK!  Oh my beautiful silver baby - how I missed you! You have been missing since August 17th which has felt like a lifetime of missing you! The collision repair shop did a wonderful job in putting my SUV back together again.  You can't even tell the entire back end was missing! As soon as my SUV pulled into the driveway, I felt I should throw a party in its honor.  I never want my SUV to feel unappreciated.  I never want my SUV to feel lonely.  I never want my SUV to leave me EVER again!  I can once again drive to the warehouse club and get everything on my list and load up my SUV and drive home in ONE single trip. I can once again have cup holders for my coffee AND my water.  I can once again have all my favorite radio stations.  I can once again have my GPS tell me which direction to turn. I can once again drink my coffee all the way to the bottom without the cup hitting the visor.  I can once again have head room and shoulder room and room for company. I can once again take my doodle doggies with me.  Oh how I love that SUV of mine.  I think I will walk out to the driveway every single day to tell it how much I love it. Dearest mom - thank you for the use of your little tiny car.  It helped me make it through this past month without too much suffering. I will be returning it to you shortly. Dear SUV - THANK YOU FOR COMING BACK TO ME!  How I missed you!

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