Saturday, October 25, 2014

April in October

Today I got to see my very good friend April!!!!!  She came all the way to Ohio to go to the Quarter Horse Congress and I drove over there to go say "Hi!"  I can't have April all the way here in Ohio and not give her a big hug.  She is just the sweetest person ever so I was glad for my April in October. We made sure to cover a lot of ground at the Congress.  Have to see it all!
I don't know about you.......but this is NOT my idea of a sundae!  

No surprise here - this was my son's favorite part of the horse show.  

Bri and I enjoyed the pole racing event

I even got to meet April's daughter. YAY!

My son and Bri had to check out all of the Gilligan Complex

I masterfully tricked April into getting a picture with me

Her daughter was my accomplice

Who doesn't like horse chairs?

My son's absolute favorite part of the entire Horse show was 
the huge display of tractor trailers and trucks

He wanted to drive home with this model.
After the horse show we were all able to go out to dinner and have a ton of laughs.  April in October?  Yes please!

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