Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Well That Didn't Work

My super awesome idea about putting all of my DVDs onto an external hard drive did not work.  Evidently there is something called copyright laws and I guess even though I was only going to share my movies that I already purchased with my sweet daughter while she was computer says NO. It actually said, "NO, FAIL, UNEXECUTABLE, FILE ERROR, UPLOAD ERROR, MISSING AUDIO FILE, NO WAY JOSE, NOT GOING TO WORK, STOP TRYING, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, WHY WON'T YOU GIVE UP and BEEEEEEEEP" I have finally accepted that my idea, although super awesome, is not happening.   So what to do?  Well that's easy - just come up with another brilliant super awesome idea!  So I did!  And now I am working on a new project.  Last night I spent about 5 hours on it and then started up again this morning. I am afraid that my tech-savvy daughter will figure out what I am doing so I can't share my project idea quite yet.  I want to surprise her!  Let's just present is SO full of love - she will feel our love all the way across the ocean and to the far recesses of the faraway lands of her travels. I might not have the security clearances to know exactly where my daughter is - but she will have all the security of love sent from home.  I will share my idea as soon as I am finished. It is awesome!!!!

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