Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Late Night Potty Runs

The puppies and I go outside for potty breaks every two hours. Rain or Shine. Sunshine or Snowfall.  Dark or Light.  We have a set schedule and keep to it. Last night our late night potty run seemed to be a lot later than it actually was.  It is getting dark so early now that by 7:30pm darkness was falling. It won't be long before we change the clocks back and then I will really be out in the dark. Thankfully the puppies don't mind at all.  They rather like romping around just as the sun is setting.  That way when I start rounding them all up, I can have fun looking for them as they start to blend into the landscape.
Here they are last night having a meeting about how fun it will be to disappear into the bushes...."As soon as that sun sets - let's hide!"


Silly little puppies.  I didn't even need to break out the flashlight and got them all back in just as the last little bit of light remained. They said that was a lot of fun and can't wait for their nighttime fun again tonight!

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