Thursday, October 2, 2014

Best After School Activity

As soon as my son pulls into the driveway after school, the doodle doggies are beside themselves with excitement.  They are ready and waiting long before the tires hit the end of the drive.  They know what time their best friend gets home and they anxiously await by the back door for his arrival. It is their favorite time of the day. After school means a walk or hike or game of fetch or tug-o-war or something unbelievably doodle awesome.  After school means doodle heaven!
First it is necessary to say hi to all the doodle doggies.  Sometimes this takes longer than other times.  Then it is time for some fun doodle time!
A warm October day means it is still a good time for a swim

There is no stick too big to fetch in the pond

Or too far

and there is always a welcoming committee

ready to steal the stick the second it comes back to shore.
Some doodle doggies have to work harder than others!
Swimming doodles or waiting doodles ......they all love after school time the best!

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