Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Goldendoodle Puppy Pictures

I have so many adorable puppy pictures from this weekend that I decided to do Goldendoodle Puppy Picture Monday followed by Double Doodle Tuesday.  That way I can post all the Puppy pictures of cuteness!
Birdie's Goldendoodle puppies will be ready for their new homes this weekend.
They are all going potty outside like champs!

Every single puppy is a teddy bear of snuggly cuteness!

They are really good listeners too

See? You can share all your secrets with a goldendoodle puppy!

They are FURever best friends

Recess time is always a blast

Hey guys!  Wait for me!

On my way!

Time to head back inside 
Happy Monday!
Stay tuned for Double Doodle Tuesday!

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