Sunday, October 5, 2014

Do I have to go?

Last night was my son's last homecoming dance for high school.  Homecoming has never been something that my son has wanted to be a part of and staying true to his character, he had no desire to go.  Stop working? Go Dancing?  School function? Buy a ticket? On Purpose??!!!? Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I had to "force" our son to actually go. Thankfully, his girlfriend Bri was able to come home for the dance which definitely helped our cause.  Our son reluctantly agreed to go to this horrible torturous event.  We are such mean parents!
Look at the misery on his face when he sees his girlfriend all dressed up

Oh yes....we are definitely going to get the meanest parents of the year award!
Oh? Did you say you wanted me to get a picture of the flowers you picked out?

And you want me to take a picture with the two of you and Olive?

Looks like my son just might be enjoying himself
And of course Olive is too!

I bet Bri will never forget how cold we were taking these pictures!
The freezing rain just added a bonus to the cold wind!

Bri "pinning" on the boutonniere 
and......Who actually pinned on the boutonniere 
When my son came home last night - guess who had a REALLY good time and was glad he went?  Gosh - sometimes parents ARE smart!

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