Monday, October 13, 2014

Double Doodle Monday

We are on puppy watch here!!!  Our sweet Marmalade .....
will be having her Double Doodle babies any time now.  Marmalade's puppies will have long wavy coats and will be so adorable!  We can't wait!
Eloise's Double Doodle puppies will be going to their new homes this weekend.
They are so adorable too!
Warm afternoons are perfect for snuggling

Chasing leaves is pretty fun too!

Got it!

Did you see me catch that leaf?!

Waiting for our favorite boy to come home

When will he get here?

I hope it is soon!

I see him!!!!

Wanna know a secret?

Your my best friend!

Life is good!

One week to go

And these cuties

will all be with their new families

But until then - more belly rubs please!

Can I have one too?

Leaf Hats are the best

I think it looks awesome with my outfit

It goes with everything!

Have a Happy Monday!!!!

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