Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Please Tomatoes......Don't Die!

My son is gone for the entire week and the house seems soooooo empty.  It just isn't the same without him here.  Before he left, he gave me strict instructions for taking care of his garden.  He has been working on his winter garden and has quite the set up with grow lights and a misting station. My son is even growing several tomato plants for me because I LOVE tomatoes. It is well known that I do not have a green thumb.  I have NO plants in my house.  I am way too busy taking care of doodle doggies and doodle puppies that I simply don't have time to properly care for an indoor plant.  Let's face it - a cactus would perish under my care.  So who does my son entrust to properly care for his beloved indoor garden???? ME! So much pressure!  I can't let his wheat grass die.  I can't let his tomato plants die. I can't let anything in his garden get spindly, yellow, brown, or crumble up and die.  I have set my alarms on my phone so I can dutifully go upstairs and mist and change the lighting and then mist again.  Please tomatoes....don't die!  I have one job this week......keep the garden thriving.  I think I will go mist again.  4 days to go!

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