Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Not Even Chopped Liver

Day two and the tomato plants don't suspect a thing. They cannot tell that my son is not the one dutifully watering them.  They do not know that I am the one turning on their grow lights.  Day two and the plants are oblivious to my son's absence.  The doodle doggies however are not so easily fooled.  Without a doubt - they know my son is not here.  They have been giving me the stink eye all day long.  I made the egregious error in getting the mail at the approximate time my son usually walks in the door after school. I was greeted by a stampede of happy doodles until..........they literally skidded to a stop.  "HEY!  YOU ARE NOT OUR BOY! YOU ARE AN IMPOSTER AND WE ARE TOTALLY NOT AMUSED!"  The saying, "What am I? Chopped Liver?" didn't even apply!  I was worse than chopped liver.  The disappointment was clearly visible.  I apologized to the doodle doggies for giving them false hope and promised to get the mail at a more appropriate hour tomorrow.  As they all sulked and pouted, I decided they needed a good game of fetch and got out the LIGHT UP FRISBEE!  Suddenly I was better than chopped liver! OH BOY!  FRISBEE!  WITH LIGHTS!!!!! LET'S GO!!!! YAY!  Day two....the doodle doggies don't suspect a thing!

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