Saturday, October 11, 2014

Doodle Pumpkin Patch

Today my son went out to the garden and picked a few of his pumpkins. He called me outside to show off his orange beauties and by the time I got outside, he was already surrounded with expert doodle pumpkin pickers.
There is nothing like having help picking out just the perfect pumpkin

"I like these two!"

Pumpkins are fun to play with

We had a lot of doodle approval on this pumpkin

The pumpkins proved to be immensely interesting

And I was lucky to get a few really cute puppy pumpkin pictures

Mr. Blue Pawprints loves this pumpkin the most

Ms. Pink Pawprints likes the littlest pumpkin

"I wonder what this pumpkin tastes like?"

Pumpkin Picking is hard work!

But so worth it!

Pumpkin Perfect!

And Autumn Perfect too!

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