Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nov 13 - Bean Thankful

My son has dreamed of being a farmer pretty much his entire life. The moment we moved here to Yesteryear Acres, my son immediately called our place the "Moo-Moo Brick House" because our neighbor had cattle.  We have an evening dinner-time tradition where we go around the table and each person says what their favorite thing of the day is. For an entire year my son's favorite thing was always "feeding the cows!"
My son went to our neighbor's barn and fed the cows every single day. He still goes over just about every day as our neighbor was my son's very first best friend - and still is.  They talk about farming and how much they love life here. So when my son came home from school to see the combine had arrived to harvest the beans.........well life simply doesn't get any better than that!  Farm chores got done in record time and my son barely had time to wave goodbye as he ran back to the field.  He is out there now, riding in the combine, living the dream.
I think I can see his smile from here. I am pretty sure I know what he will say when asked what his favorite thing of the day is.....that is if he ever comes back.  My guess - he will be out there until the last bean has been picked.
Bean Thankful.
Farmer Thankful.
Every day.

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