Saturday, November 1, 2014

November.... A Month of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Just the name alone - "Thanks...Giving" says it all.  Thanksgiving is a day to be grateful for all your blessings.  Thank you for the gifts in my life. Thank you for my blessings. When we sit down to eat our Thanksgiving Feast, we make sure to go all the way around the table and each person says what they are most thankful for. For me... that one day isn't enough and so every November I dedicate the whole month to thankfulness. Each day I make a point to say what I am thankful for. Each and every single day I am most thankful for my family and my doodle doggies and each and every single day I never forget to give thanks but for November - I make a point to say an extra thank you every day.  So for today on this beautiful First Day of November - I will give thanks for winning the monthly challenge of "Happy [insert month here] First! Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I started this game when we first starting dating. When a new month would arrive we would see which one of us would be the first to wish the other Happy First Day of the month.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres is VERY good at this game and he often wins the monthly challenge. We have been playing this game for over 30 years and never miss a month.  Last night at exactly 12:04am - I realized it was November First and sat straight up in bed yelling, "HAPPY NOVEMBER FIRST!" which was immediately followed by me laughing hysterically saying, "Hahahahahahah I WIN! I WIN NOVEMBER!" Mr. Yesteryear Acres of course said, "Sometimes, I just let you win" and then started to laugh as well. So when I say that I am thankful for winning this month, what I really and truly am most thankful for is the fact that I look forward to each and every month, ready to hear "Happy First of the month" from my sweet Mr. Yesteryear Acres and thankful that every month with him brings endless happiness to my life. HAPPY NOVEMBER FIRST! I hope this month brings you much thankfulness and if you would like to share your daily November Thankfulness thoughts - I would love to hear them!!!!!

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