Friday, November 14, 2014

Nov 14 - Thankful for Warm Slippers

Mr. Yesteryear Acres knows just how to make my mornings start perfectly.  He is always the first one up and out of bed.  Always.  He is the earliest of the early birds.  I can't tell you how much I love a warm comfy bed and there is never a single morning where I throw off the covers, whistling a happy tune, and think "let's jump up and start this day!" Mr. Yesteryear Acres wakes up like this every morning. Except instead of throwing off the covers, he quietly slips out of bed, goes all the way out of our room through the bathroom so as to not to open our big creaky door and heads downstairs to start the morning chores. By the time I get up, all the puppies have been cared for and all the puppy messes have been cleaned. Mr. Yesteryear Acres always has a perfect cup of coffee waiting for me, just the way I like it. I like my coffee with cream and sugar and even though Mr. Yesteryear Acres abhors the thought of ruining the sanctity of pure coffee, he makes my coffee the way I like it nonetheless. Every morning when Mr. Yesteryear Acres greets me with my coffee, I feel loved. This morning I had an extra helping of love as Mr. Yesteryear Acres had warm slippers waiting for me when I came down the stairs.  He had put them on his boot heater for me so they were toasty warm when I slipped my feet inside.  Warm Slippers. Hot Coffee.  Endless Love.  Thankful every day.

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