Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nov 19 - Thank you mittens

Winter has hit Yesteryear Acres with a sharp cold HELLO!  I don't think anyone here was quite ready for 8* weather in November.  It is so cold! I have always had trouble staying warm in cold weather.  I wear layers upon layers and am never far from my electric blanket.  In fact, even as I write today's blog, I have my electric blanket turned on high and am buried under the warm layers.  I hate to be cold. I love love love love winter, but hate to be cold. I am usually the first one back in the house when we go outside to play in the snow because I get cold so fast that I just can't enjoy myself while my teeth are chattering.  I also live with a bunch of Polar Bears who NEVER get cold.  My son wears a t-shirt through most of winter.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres rarely wears a coat!  They are NEVER cold.  Whenever I say that I am cold I get, "Well I'm not cold!"  Gee thanks! Well this winter, things are going to be different! My mom got me the most epic pair of mittens ever.  They are expedition weight mittens used for climbing the Himalayas or Mount Everest or some other Arctic adventure.  Today when I was outside playing in the snow, my hands were as warm as if I had a mug of hot chocolate inside my mittens.  Warm hands!  It was so nice to have warm hands!  I also have my son's snowsuit. It is made for dog sledding and he NEVER wears it so I took it.  And it is perfect.  I am so warm and toasty inside my suit!  Even though I look like I am ready for trekking across Antarctica and even though my son cracks up when he looks at my outfit and even though Mr. Yesteryear Acres chuckles at my Nanuk of the North attire - I am warm.  Finally.  Thank you snow suit! Thank you mittens! Toasty warm!

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