Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nov 23 - Game Night Thankfulness

Last night after dinner was game night.  Game night at Yesteryear Acres is never a quiet affair.  With each subsequent round in the game, the noise level increases. We have points to make, drawings to guess, cards to win.  The escalation might be considered deafening to those not familiar with Yesteryear Acres competitiveness.  We all want to win.  Along with vocal cord popping enthusiasm goes non-stop laughter.  We laugh so hard and so long.  This often leads to us stopping the timer so we can continue to roll on the floor laughing.  As soon as we dry our eyes and collect ourselves long enough to resume the game, the laughter begins once again and in the end, we actually really don't care who wins or loses.  We have so much fun playing that we all look forward to the next time we have game night.  Today while we were busy working, we relived the highlights of last night's antics and that kept us smiling and laughing all day.  Game night at Yesteryear Acres - thankful and then some!

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