Monday, November 10, 2014

Nov 10 - Happy Birthday Marine Corps and Thank You!

Happy 239th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps! My November Thankfulness for today is quite simple - Thank you from the bottom of my heart for 239 years of faithful devoted service, commitment and courage.
Thank you to my own beloved Marine.  
"Honor, Courage and Commitment are the values that guide us-
Semper Fidelis is the motto that bonds us"
Since the moment you were born you have exemplified the true spirit of the Marine Corps.  You live your life with integrity and compassion and above all - you are always faithful. Semper Fi.
And of course I did not forget that today was also Puppy Picture Monday so here are a few pictures of our faithful doodle puppies
Sweet Pea's Goldendoodle Puppies are just starting to toddle around

They are soooooo adorable!

Marmalade's Double Doodle puppies start solid foods this week

They will start growing by leaps and bounds

Marmalade's babies all have the silkiest softest coats.  They make the best snuggle buddies!
Happy Birthday Marines!
Happy Monday!

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