Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nov 8 -Thankful for my Horses

As is the dream of most little girls, I always wanted a horse.  Every Birthday wish. Every Christmas wish. Every falling star.....I would wish for a horse of my own.  For my 30th birthday, my horsie birthday wish finally came true. Mrs. Buckwheat arrived in style on the morning of my 30th birthday and she was soon joined by Willow and then Cheyenne. It is hard to believe that I have now had my horses for 19 years.  To me it just seems like yesterday when my horses became part of our Yesteryear Acres family. They are the sweetest horses too.  Whenever I walk out into the field, Cheyenne is always the first to greet me.  Cheyenne is like a faithful dog as she will follow you every single step you take.  Once you start petting Cheyenne, well then Willow and Buckwheat just have to come and be a part of that action.  I love to be surrounded by my horses. They all love to be hugged and will stand there all day long if you have the time.
There is never a day that this adorable face doesn't make me smile

I am thankful for my horsie hugs.  They fill my heart with happiness.


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