Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nov 18 - Snow Day Thankful

Yesterday morning at exactly 5:33am our phone started ringing. Normally this event would not bring me happiness but this call was to let us know......SNOW DAY!  No School! I immediately looked out the window and exhaled a grateful "ohhhhhhhh" as everything was blanketed in white. It was beyond beautiful.  Our first real snowfall of the season. I love snow. I love the beauty of a snow-filled landscape. Thank you Mother Nature!
This was the view from our back door yesterday morning
A winter wonderland!
My son and I quickly got ready to go on a snow hike

Everyone loves a snow day!
Even the horses!  

Our back field

We decided we needed to go back to get Mr. Yesteryear Acres
Olive said, "I will fetch him!"

Mr. Yesteryear Acres loved walking in our snow-globe

It was so peaceful and so beautiful

We love living here 
My son has perfected taking our pictures....his camera is mounted on a rod

I think we took over 300 pictures

It was snow-globe perfection

Olive and Blossom agreed!

Let's check out the pond!
Just starting to freeze

Swinging in the snow

I am pretty sure this says it all
Horses through the snow heart

And "Olive"

Snow Day Thankfulness!

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