Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nov 6 - Finally!

To say that Mr. Yesteryear Acres is not the best speller - would be a huge understatement. Handy man EXTRAORDINAIRE....YES! Spelling Bee Champ.......NO WAY!  On the other hand, I pride myself on my editing capabilities.  Whenever I edit a paper, misspelled words literally leap off the page as if they were written in bold print.  I can spot a misspelled word no matter how quickly I am reading a document.  I have a gift for always spelling words correctly. If I ever make a mistake, I feel horror! I feel shame!  I feel that it cannot possibly be true! So this morning when Mr. Yesteryear Acres was reading my blogpost from yesterday and said, "YOU MISSPELLED A WORD!" I immediately looked at him with disbelief. I mean - me spell something incorrectly? Impossible!  What was even more impossible was that Mr. Yesteryear Acres was the one pointing out the error. What could I, awesome speller that I am, spell incorrectly? Well, it was the word "soldered".  I had mistakenly written "sautered" because whenever Mr. Yesteryear Acres fixes my jewelry, he always says he is "sautering" or needs to "sauter" this or that.  Well I wrote the word how my brain heard it and yes folks....I was WRONG. So wrong!  Not even close! I looked up the words in the dictionary and evidently you "solder" metals together.  The word is "solder" not "sauter". So I was forced admit my egregious error. I said, "Oh my gosh! You are right! I didn't use the correct word!!!!"  As I sat there shaking my head in disgust, Mr. Yesteryear Acres started to raise his hands in the air as he looked towards the heaven and yelled, "FINALLY!"  Yes, he finally was able to be the one to correct a spelling error.  He said THAT is his Thankfulness moment of the day....of the week....of all time! So Mr. Yesteryear Acres thankfulness moment of November 6, 2014 is his amazing prowess and unbelievable proficiency at spelling making him the supreme and ultimate MASTER Spelling Bee Champion!


  1. Words can't literally jump off a page. They can figuratively jump off a page. Literally" is not an intensifier.

    1. This is quite true but my son and I literally use the word literally every day to make each other laugh. We then correct each other with "figuratively". I literally love doing that with him.


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