Saturday, February 14, 2015

Impromptu Blizzard

Happy Valentine's Day!  We awoke here to some very chilly weather but did not know that the morning would be the brightest, warmest and most pleasant weather of the day.  The forecast called for cold temperatures and an inch of snow.  Someone forgot to double check their radar! Not only did the temperatures plummet, not only did the wind come barreling in full force but we got snow and more snow.  For most of the afternoon we faced blizzard conditions and I am not exaggerating.  It will forever be remembered as the Impromptu Valentine Blizzard!
Olive said - COME ON GUYS!  Let's go play in the snow!
Who can say no to a doodle?
Thankfully I had an extra snowsuit for Bri!

Cold Blowing Winds and heavy problem!  Let's run!

We took several doodle doggies out to enjoy the fun and they loved it

The snow continued to get heavier and heavier

And pretty soon our entire backyard disappeared
By the time these two finally came back inside, their faces were totally white.
Meanwhile.....Bri made some homemade peanut butter fudge
 and .......
had this waiting for my son.
It is a Valentine's Day jar filled with handwritten notes.
I think Bri is trying to win best Valentine's Day gift!
Happy Valentine's Day
I hope your jars runneth over with all the reasons your days are filled with love.

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