Thursday, February 26, 2015

Picture Walks with my Son

I know how lucky I am that my son loves to spend time with me.  Whenever I say I am heading out for a walk, he always asks to come with me.  We talk about everything on our walks and our time together couldn't be better.  I treasure each and every moment I have with him. He loves Yesteryear Acres, loves his family, loves the land and loves our doggies.  My son took the role of photographer on yesterday's walk.  I love his pictures!
Did somebody say, "Time for a Walk?!!!!!"

We are lucky to have such a pretty view

See the TINY figure up at the top of the hill?  Yes. That's me.  I MIGHT be a little slow in my big snowsuit!

Olive says, "She is finally coming!"

Our frozen pond
"Hey where did the fish go?"

Blue says, "One day I will go swimming here!"
Looks like the next chance for a picture walk might be several days away.  Glad we took the time to enjoy the beauty of the day!

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