Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Furever" homes

Yesterday all of Juneau's puppies found their "Furever" homes.  As soon as the new puppy pictures were posted on our blog and website, one-by-one each sweet puppy became chosen and by last night, all of Juneau's puppies had awesome new families to love. We finished assembling the last of the puppy care packages so the puppies are all set for their new adventures.
The crinkly pink dog at the top is a particular favorite! It is hard to get them into the bags without a doodle doggie trying to steal it.  Every now and then you can hear one of the older doggies looking in the puppy care packages for the pink crinkle toy.  I have to keep all the packages well out of doggie reach! Mr. Yesteryear Acres will be making a puppy delivery on Friday and then the house will be sooooooo quiet. Well that is until the new babies arrive and according to the stork - that is any day now!!!!  Our sweet golden retriever Birdie is ready to have her goldendoodle puppies SOON!  Looks like more teddy bear goldendoodles will be snuggling with us in no time.  I am sure we will have newborn puppy pictures just in time for Puppy Picture Monday. Stay tuned!

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