Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Service Doggie

We had a doodle puppy of ours go on to become a really awesome service doggie for a boy with autism. The boy also suffers from extreme anxiety and our doodle doggie has been his constant companion for the past 9 years. They call their doggie an "Angel without Wings".  The family is looking to have their "Angel" doggie help train a new pup for service work as their son recently lost his eyesight in one eye and is likely to lose it in the other eye as well. He needs the love and companionship of a tail wagging devoted doodle doggie for a long time to come.  I didn't think that Yesteryear Acres would be donating another service doggie again quite so soon but nothing brings me more joy than seeing our doodle doggies doing what they love best. Tail Wagging Devotion means just that.  Our doodle doggies love to bring unconditional love, companionship and devotion. We will be selecting one of Juneau's babies for this family and I know that pup will be just the very best furry family member and faithful companion. The puppy will already have a great Doodle Doggie teacher! I am so grateful for our sweet Juneau and her babies and I am excited to figure out which of her pups will be their next angel without wings.

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