Friday, February 20, 2015

Doodle Sous Chef

I checked with our Doodle Doggies and they said they wanted to be a part of the "hibernating routine".  While the hot chocolate and mini marshmallows didn't sound that appealing to them, they all agreed that a big pot of delicious stew would be just right!  My son started preparing their hot noon meal first thing this morning.
The beginning of the stew extravaganza

Mmmmm! Good stuff in there!

The Doodle Doggies said, Please don't forget the steak!

That's more like it!

"Can I be a Doodle Sous Chef?"

So many doodle chefs in the kitchen!

We got a lot of "Paws Up" for the lunch menu!

Every Doggie got one pound of hot stew for lunch. We had a lot of tail wagging devotion today!!!  Every pan was licked clean. I have to say, Doodle Doggies sure know how to show how much they appreciate all your hard work!!  It is so gratifying to cook for them.  It was a fun lunch for them AND for us!  Now that is one great Tail Wagging Snow Day!

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