Monday, February 16, 2015

Doodle Cuties Available

Juneau's puppies are beginning to get going potty outside down to a science.  It could be the wicked cold temperatures that has them doing their business and then ready to come right back inside.  Our recess sessions are about 5-10 minutes long and playtime is over.  The pups all come back inside and plop in one big pile of puppy love and take a nice warm nap.  Juneau's puppies will be ready for their new homes starting this weekend and we have a few doodle cuties still available.
Mr. Blue Pawprint Collar boy says, 
"Here comes the snow!" 

"When will winter end?"

Mr. Black Pawprint collar boys says,
"I don't know what you are talking paws are warm!"

"What? She likes it when I use her as slippers!'

Juneau's Boys say,
"Do we have to take a group photo?"

"Is that good enough?"

Mr. Bright Squares Collar boy says,
"Hey, Where did that tail come from!?"

Mr. Teddy Bear Collar Boy says,
"I'm an expert at navigating the snow drifts"

Apple Collar Girl says,
"I have staying warm figured out!"

Ms. Peacock and Ms. Cherry Blossom collar girls are experts at cute poses

Juneau's Girls say,
"Our turn for a Girls' Photo shoot"

"Ours is so much better than the boys!"

Ms. Pink Pawprint and Ms. Butterfly Collar Girl working the camera

Cherry Blossom Collar girl wastes no time in getting her business done



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