Monday, February 23, 2015

Ms. Cherry Blossom Girl is Still Available

This sweet Juneau Puppy is still available and is ready for her new home now. I had to update today's blog as we now just have one puppy still available. The beautiful Ms. Cherry Blossom Girl is still looking for her new home.  She is super sweet and such a lovebug!!!!!
Ms. Cherry Blossom Collar Girl is a happy-go-lucky puppy. Her tail is always wagging.  She has a terrific non-shedding coat
Ms. Pink Pawprints Collar Girl is now spoken for
"You want us to pose for the camera?"
"What do you mean look at the camera?"
"I got it!"
"No wait...I got it!"
"Ohhhhhh, you mean at the SAME time!"
Ms. Butterfly collar girl says, "What can I do for you Mr. Yesteryear Acres?"
Ms. Butterfly Collar Girl is now spoken for.  She will be such a sweet loyal puppy for her new family.

"You want me to sit?"

"Okay but this snow is cold!"
"I am the cool pup!"

"Getting hugs is the best reward!"
"What's next?"

"Group Photo! Say Cheese!"
Ms. Cherry Blossom says, "I have to go find my brother!"
"We don't want to forget him!"

Mr. Teddy Bear Collar Boy says, "Here I am!"

"I am always right by Mr. Yesteryear Acres"

"He is my bestest buddy" 

"I love him SOOOOOO much!"
Mr. Teddy Bear Collar Boy says, "I just found the best family! They are on their way to pick me up right now. I am going to bring them lots of tail wagging devotion."
Juneau's puppies are super sweet and very loving.  They are doing great with their housebreaking and have learned to tackle the snow and cold weather with ease.  We will be making a puppy delivery to Maryland this Friday, February 27th.  Ms. Cherry Blossom Girl is up for a road trip - or is happy to meet her new loving family here.
Happy Monday!

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