Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Doodle Twitter

It's official.  Yesteryear Acres has branched out into other forms of social media thanks to my son and his girlfriend Bri.  As anyone who reads my blogs know, my son loves life here at Yesteryear Acres. He is completely devoted to our doodle doggies and doodle puppies.  He has long wanted to post more pictures of our life and doodle antics and is excited about our presence on Instagram.  Today he added in our official Yesteryear Acres Twitter account @yesteryearacres.  So now you can get your Yesteryear Acres doodle update on twitter too! Late last night my son came up with some terrific themes for our Social Media.........
We will have
Puppy Picture Monday (as always). My son will be adding his own sneak peeks and insights from our photo sessions.

Training Doodle Tuesday.  We will be posting training tips and pictures of our doodle doggies and doodle puppies.  Sometimes our doodle doggies train us!  "Come on!  Let's go exercise!" We hope you will post your own Training Doodle pictures too!

Wacky Doodle Wednesday.  This will be great fun!  We hope to have lots of crazy doodle antics posted. Doodles have the very best way of cracking us up!

Thankful Doodle Thursday. This will be a great way to share all the ways we are thankful for our doodles and how they are thankful for us!

Fetching Doodle Friday.  Who doesn't love watching our sweet doodles in action!  Who loves playing fetch more than a doodle doggie?!

Stinker Doodle Saturday.  Ok.  Let's admit it.  Our doodles are not always angels!!!!  We hope everyone will share pictures of doodle doggies not doing what they are supposed to. Let's make the best out of all those mishaps and unsupervised moments. It is sure to make everyone laugh. Stinker Doodles Unite!

Sleepy Doodle Sunday.  Nothing brings a smile to your heart faster than a picture of a sweet sleeping doodle.  The total opposite of Stinker Doodle Saturday!

Let us know what you think!  And please share!!!!  This will be fun!

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