Monday, February 9, 2015

Perfect Sun Spot

Juneau's puppies are finally old enough to start venturing outside.  It was nice of Mother Nature to give them a sunny introduction to the beautiful outdoors.
Juneau's Doodle Puppies are soooo adorable!
Here is Mr. Bright Squares Collar Boy enjoying some sunshine

Mr. Teddy Bear Collar says, "Oh wow!  My very own snowcone!"

Mr. Black Pawprints Collar says, "I can't decide if I like the grass or the snow better"

I almost got a perfect picture of Juneau's 6 boys.....but playing is much more fun than sitting still for a photo!

"Can we go play now?"

"Ready, Set, Go!"

We have some really adorable Caramel Cuties
This is Mr. Blue Pawprints Collar Boy
And we have Apricot Cuties too!
Ms. Peacock Collar is enjoying the warm sidewalk

"Wanna know a secret?"

"The sidewalk feels like a sauna"

"Ahhhhhhh This is the life!"

Ms. Apple Collar girl has beautiful bright blue eyes"

This Curly Apricot Beauty is Ms. Cherry Blossom Girl

Mr. Blue Pawprint Collar Boy loves to pose for the camera

Mr. Teddy Bear collar says, "Me too!"

Mr. Camo Collar boy says, "Don't forget us!!!"

"This warm sunshine is making us sleepy"

"What????  I found him like this!"

"Mr. Red Bandana Collar boy makes a good pillow"

"We are all done playing!"

"It is Nap Time!"

OK!  Time to go back inside!

"Being cute is hard work!"


  1. oh, Renee, they are so, so cute! I always love Juneau's pups best, although I am certainly biased since I have one of hers from several litters ago. I wish I could get one of these cuties, I would love to have another pup for ours!

  2. Thank YOU for providing us with one of our awesome dogs! The dog we got from you is amazing--super sweet, affectionate, cute, awesome temperament, overall great! You put such great care into raising them and it shows! I am always tempted by the puppy pics, but you're killing me with the cuteness of Juneau's newest litter. I so want one!!

    1. Thank you so much!!!!! I am so
      glad you have an awesome doodle :)

  3. tell us about t he boys and their temperament and ii know my dad spoke with you and we are thinking about coming sunday

    1. We have one boy still available - Mr. Teddy Bear collar boy. He has a terrific non-shedding coat and is ready for his new home starting tomorrow.


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