Thursday, February 19, 2015

I Surrender!

I came in today after a brief arctic outing, frozen to the core.  I felt like a popsicle.  My nose was running, my hands were blue, my teeth were shattering and......I surrendered!  I SURRENDER!!!!  Today, I am saying, please warm up.  Just a little.  Like 5*.  I am not asking for much.  Just a tiny bit of warmth.  This never ending cold is becoming a bit dreary.  I totally surrendered to the day and decided to hibernate.  I did what any professional hibernator would do:
1) Make Hot Chocolate
2) Add 1,000 mini marshmallows to hot chocolate mix
3) Drink Hot Chocolate
4) Eat cookies so the hot chocolate and marshmallows wouldn't feel lonely.
5) Repeat
6) Justify above action by defining my behavior as hibernating
I mean I believe I just may NEED the extra calories so I can survive the rest of this winter! During my "Hibernating Thursday" I decided that I would try to make things a bit more pleasant for my Yesteryear Acres polar bear family. I made a loaf of banana bread for breakfast tomorrow. I mean who doesn't love homemade banana bread?  I also have a big slab of corned beef slow cooking on the stove. I have homemade Whole Wheat & Yogurt buns rising in the oven.  I mean I surrender but I won't give up!  I think I will eat another cookie in order to survive this chilly day! Hey look!  More marshmallows! Mmmmmmm!

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