Friday, February 6, 2015

Awesome to Pathetic

When I went to bed last night, I promised myself that TODAY I would get on my exercise bike and really workout.  I have been doing kind of barely passing exercise lately.  It is so icy and cold and my heart hasn't been into giving it my all. Today however - that was to end.  I was going to workout and it was going to be epic! I got on my bike and thought, here I go...and started pedaling. Okay.  I've got this.  Pedal, Pedal, Pedal....I am doing some mouth breathing now....pedal, pedal, pedal.  After a few minutes had passed I looked at my display.  WOW!  I am AWESOME!  I cannot even believe how awesome I am.  The miles are flying by! I started pedaling with more enthusiasm.  I was telling myself that I am not EVEN out of shape!  I am in such great shape I cannot even believe it.  All that snow walking must have really paid off!  I mean I am sweaty and breathing hard but I am giving it my all and I am really putting some miles on the bike.  When I reached 15 miles in record time, I decided that I was so terrific that I would give myself a reward and turn down the resistance a bit and ease my way to 18 miles.  I was so proud.  I was so happy.  I thought about how I had the best workout of my life.........until..........I noticed someone had switched my display from miles to kilometers.  Noooooooooooooo!  I immediately plummeted from Awesome to Pathetic.  NINE measly miles?!!! NINE!  I had been biking for almost my entire workout time and only had gone nine miles!  I usually can bike 18 miles. WAH!!!!  This is so sad!  This is pathetic.  I got back on my bike and pedaled some more, realizing I had nine more kilometers to go before I could even think of getting off my bike.  I stopped my workout with only 15 incredibly hard miles biked. I crawled off my bike, determined to eat my planned lunch of plain salad when.......I was attacked by chocolate.  I didn't even know that the chocolate was lurking behind the corner waiting to attack me but it did.  And I ate it.  And after that, I ate my son's Doritos.  Awesome to Pathetic just like that. Maybe TOMORROW I will just be plain awesome.  Without the chocolate.  Or Kilometers. I think I better go eat that last piece of chocolate just to be safe!


  1. Oh goodness…this made me laugh so hard I cried. Sounded just like my own struggles of late…thanks for making me feel human! Although I can't imagine why you need more exercise with all the running about after doodles.
    Good luck :) ….Ellie


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