Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Suntan Weather

I think I may have just gotten a nice suntan today! I mean it was a mere 25* outside and it felt WARM.  I had to start removing layers and the sun was just beating down on my face like a heat ray.  I really never imagined that I would think 25* would be perfect suntan weather but after weeks of below zero temperatures, today felt like summer.
Blossom and I went out early to catch some rays.  She zoomed around the snow as if it were the beach! She had a blast.

The weather was so nice that tonight Olive and I decided we would go catch the sunset.

The colors were beautiful!
Olive thought so too!

As the sun set it turned the entire snowy landscape into a sea of pink snow.

And soon after, the clouds mirrored the pink snow

We watched the sun until the very last shades of pink slowly faded from the sky.
Thank you Mother Nature.  Your day was appreciated by all.

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