Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Step, Step, Step, SLIDE

It is pretty treacherous walking around Yesteryear Acres as our ground has pretty much frozen to a solid sheet of ice.  It is sooooo slippery.  Even the doodle doggies are having trouble walking.  Yesterday Mr. Yesteryear Acres drove the tractor around with a cultipacker to help put some traction lines in the ice.  It helped some so I thought I might try to take a few doodle doggies for a walk this morning while the sun was making a brief appearance.  Well my crampons are missing!!!!  These are Mr. Yesteryear Acres spare pair.....
The top view

The bottom view.  
Mine are all blue and have been missing in action for a few weeks and I need them!  I have been wearing Mr. Yesteryear Acres spare set but they are way too big for my boots. Whenever I try to use his pair, it goes something like this....."Step, Step, Step...SLIDE!  That is when I notice one of the crampons slipped off my boot. Then I have to turn around, pick up the crampon, put it back on my boot again and then, "Step, Step, Step, SLIDE!" The spikes help keep me from sliding but not when I keep losing the entire crampon! I did end up taking a few doodle doggies out walking today because I accidentally said the word 
"W A L K" instead of spelling it, so I had no hope of staying inside. Thank goodness doggie have four feet!!!  They are much better at staying upright than I am! The doggies had fun.....I really think they enjoyed the slip and slide show!

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