Monday, April 20, 2015

The Stork will be here soon!

Here it is Puppy Picture Monday and.....we don't have any puppies......yet! Marmalade is getting closer and closer to delivering her sweet Double Doodle Babies.  You can see the little puppies moving around in there and Marmalade seems to have quite the smile on her face.  The Stork will be here soon!

Marmalade......Our Mommy-to-be
Marmalade had 6 Beautiful Double Doodle babies for us last year.
I think she has even more in her tummy this time! 
We can't wait for them to arrive.
We are keeping the stork busy at Yesteryear Acres.
Our Golden Retriever Sweet Pea will be having Goldendoodle Puppies in about 2 more weeks.
Sweet Pea always has the prettiest babies!
And we have a first time Mommy-to-be

Our Sweet Truffles will be having chocolate and caramel puppies in May

We can't wait to see the beautiful assortment of colors!

Puppy countdown has begun!
Look for newborn Puppy Pictures next Monday!

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