Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Does that count as unpacking?

So my list of things to get done is very long.  I have to make up for all the time I have been gone.  I have a stack of mail that is teetering over.  I have laundry that needs washed.  I have puppies to take care of.  I have all my normal work to do on top of making up for lost time. I had big plans to get ALL of that done today. Well.... I failed.  It is now 8:39 at night and I don't have it done.  Since it was pouring down buckets of rain today, I did get my raincoat out of my suitcase.  I suppose that is sort of like unpacking right?  I mean the raincoat WAS packed and now my raincoat is unpacked. It is hanging up, perfectly put away. Definitely unpacked. The fact that my swimsuits, dresses, shoes, socks, shirts, shorts and everything else have now exploded out of the suitcase and are kind of barely contained within the walls of the suitcase is irrelevant.  I unpacked today.  Let's just call this a success.  Maybe tomorrow I will unpack a pair of shoes! Man I will really be making progress now!!!!!!

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  1. I enjoyed your vacation blogs . I decided I was going to put my vacation fund towards getting a companion for my sweet golden retriever Sugar! Everytime I read your blog I felt I was sharing your experiences! Thank You


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