Friday, April 3, 2015

Which One is Yours?

All week long people have been coming up to me and asking either "Are all these boys yours?" or "Which one is yours?"  Traveling with three 18 year old boys has garnered a lot of attention.  We are easy to spot as we are always together and 2 of the boys are over 6'3". We are also easy to spot as we are always having just the very best time together. I have had so many people tell me that I have the nicest boys and I should be proud.  I have to agree.  For this entire week, I haven't had to pull out my own chair, carry a bag, open a door, go get my own coffee or water, or anything! I have three awesome boys that are so helpful and courteous and thoughtful.  They have also sprung into action helping other vacationers. Not only do they open doors and other thoughtful gestures but they also offer to help people with wheelchairs or walkers get up and down escalators, get towels, and are always asking other people if they need any help.  I even saw my son buy a bottle of water for a little boy who was looking a bit dehydrated. I have been so proud countless times this week. I could not be luckier or have better company.  I have had a few people say I was soooo brave to travel with 3 boys - well they are so wrong.  I am not brave - I am blessed.  Which one is mine?  Well they all are!  How lucky am I?!!!

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