Friday, April 24, 2015

Everyone lends a hand

As I am sitting here pondering what I should write about for today's blog, I can hear my son's laughter out in the kitchen along with the noise of the dishes being done.  I am so lucky. My son's girlfriend Bri is here for the weekend and the second she arrives at Yesteryear Acres, she always jumps right in and starts working on all the chores.  She and my son are busy cleaning up from our dinner mess while I am answering emails and writing today's blog.  I didn't even ask for help. I didn't say a word and I can hear the two of them working on getting the kitchen cleaned up. My heart is smiling with gratitude with all the help I get at Yesteryear Acres.  Everyone pitches in.  Everyone lends a hand.  To live at Yesteryear Acres means you will always have laughter, love and help with your workload no matter what it might be. I think we might just need to have "Ice Cream O'Clock" later tonight as it looks like our work will be done early! I vote for Cookie Dough! Thanks for all the help!

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