Thursday, April 30, 2015

I confess

While watching the morning news, I found out that today is "National Honesty Day."  I didn't know that such a day existed.  I didn't realize we had to have a national holiday to celebrate precisely one day of being honest within a calendar year.  Shouldn't every single day be "National Honesty Day"?  I think Mark Twain said it best when he said, "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." At Yesteryear Acres, we live by this basic fundamental principle each and every day. If you do something wrong, admit it, apologize for it, try to make amends and then move forward and improve next time. Learn from past mistakes and become a better person. Sometimes you can find solace in knowing that others share your same shortcomings. For example, given that today is this supposed "Day of Honesty"....I will confess a small setback I experienced yesterday.  Despite my strong belief in eating nutritious healthy whole foods and exercising daily, I can still hear things like Doritos calling me from the kitchen.  Cookies can sometimes call to me so loudly that I have no other choice but to answer their cry. Well yesterday, WHILE I WAS ON MY BIKE, exercising like a very healthy person, I heard my son's caramel Bugles calling me.  I was already on my bike.  I was already several miles into my workout.  I could not drown out the call of caramel and so what did I do?  I stopped pedaling, walked all the way to the dining room, opened my son's bag of caramel Bugles, grabbed a handful and then walked back to my bike and began pedaling again while devouring the evidence.  Honestly!  Who does that?  The!  Happy National Honesty Day (everyday)!

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