Monday, April 13, 2015

Going Home Soon!

Birdie's Goldendoodle puppies will all be heading to their new homes this weekend so this is their last Puppy Picture Monday update!  By this time next week, the puppies will all be snuggling with their new families.
The weather has been perfect for playing outside

Everyone loves to smell the spring flowers

Evidently weeds smell good too!

Warm sunshine, green grass, flowers blooming....

Just perfect!

Happy Day!

We are lucky to get help with the yard work!

We will miss these snuggly faces!

They are just so sweet

AND so cute!!!!!

"A new toy!"

"Hey Guys!  Look what I found!"

"I think it is too big to play fetch!"

"I can't pick this up"

"Me neither!"

"But I am quick with the stick!"

"Let's play Hide and Seek"

"Ha ha! You found me!"

"What about Freeze Tag?"

"I am still trying to pick up this ball!"

"Tackle time!"

Happy Monday!!!!

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